My Husband Beat Me To Stupor, For Grabbing His Manh00d During Quarrelling After He Accused Me Of Not Serving His Food On Time- Woman Cry Out

A battered housewife, Mrs. Fausat Ogunji, who ran to the Area M Police Command, located at the Idimu/Isheri area of Lagos State, to seek protection from her husband, has accused them of allegedly demanding N50, 000 before they could attend to her.

Fausat said she had ran to the station to lodge a complaint of battering and attempted murder against her husband, Goke Ogunji, but was shocked when the police asked for money before they could attend to her. The alleged demand for money before arrest or investigation by the police from victims of sexual and gender based violence is one of the reasons victims remain in abusive relationships.

These victims see the quest for justice as being too expensive. Some police personnel as state actors have continued to be albatross in the ongoing war against domestic violence. The Area M Commander, Mr. Akano, after being briefed about the alleged demand for money from a battered housewife before recording the report, promised to look into the case.

Fausat explained that her husband, a Marine Engineer, beat her to the extent that she lost consciousness. When she regained consciousness, she was in a hospital. Fausat said she was sick and tired of the constant beating from Goke, insisting she wanted a divorce. Reacting to her allegations, Goke said that his wife was being economical with the truth. He explained that it was Fausat that had literally made life a living hell for him. Goke said Fausat only went to hospital because.... Advance Reading For More Details.....F

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