"My Dad Begged For Mercy Before My Mum And I Killed Him" 34 Year Old Convict Narrates His Sad Story

A sad interview on Inooro TV, Njira-ini Ciitu program reveals details of Geoffrey Macharia Kamau, a Naivasha Maximum Prison convict, has really touched the hearts of many Kenyans.

According to the interview, Macharia from Mbaruk, Nakuru County narrates how he made his journey from Eldoret to Nakuru after hearing that their is a conflict between his mother and father.

After arrival to his parents house, they held a meeting in his presence, each one of them presenting their case to him. Apparently, his father had alleged that he has found another woman who he was willing to bring in as his second wife. But Macharia's mother was not supportive of this, It is during the meeting that the unthinkable happened... Advance Reading For More Details....M

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