Mom of 2 Sons Beheaded by ISIS Is Proud They Refused to Deny Christ: “I Gave My Two Sons to Jesus

For many, the spine-chilling video released by ISIS  will be forever seared in our minds.


But imagine being the mother of one of these 21 men who was kidnapped from Sirte, Libya and subsequently beheaded for refusing to deny his Christian faith. How your heart would break to watch your own son be brutally murdered by an army of pure evil and put on display for the world to see.

But for one mother, she sees this brutal video with a quite different perspective—an eternal one. In fact, she recently expressed to Egyptian Anglican Archbishop Mouneer Anis that she is incredibly proud of her two sons for dying faithfully and refusing to deny Jesus before taking their last breath.

While it was torturous to watch them be slain by the hand of the jihadists, she was comforted in knowing they would have........Proceed Reading For More Details

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