Meet 2 Yoruba And Northern Politicians Who Do Not Believe In Igbo Presidency In The 2023 Election.

As the 2023 presidential election approaches, the debate and agitation over zoning the presidency to the people of the South-East region have always made it to the front pages of Nigerian newspapers.

The Ohanaeze, who seems to be the main group that is agitating for the Igbo Presidency, makes it known that the people of the South-East are the only majority tribe in Nigeria that has not tasted the leadership of Nigeria for a long time.

The group claimed that the Igbo Presidency will solve many of the problems that we are facing in this country and it will also kill the secession plan of the IPOB, Furthermore, this group urges the two giant political parties in Nigeria to zone their presidential tickets to the south in order to make things easier........ >>>>>  T@pe Here  For M0re D£tails

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