Marriage: I Will Continue to Embrace the Way my Mom Served Her Husband Like a King — Media Personality Ifeyiwa

Nigerian lady has Allegedly Taken to her facebook Announcing to the World she is Ready and prepare to adopt the way her mother treats her husband like a king.

According to her:

This is literally how we grew up seeing our mothers serve our fathers and as soon as we were old enough, we were taught how to do it and to do it right. My father, a layman and commoner was served like a king in his home because that’s exactly what he is. 

As soon as he walked in, I would take his jacket and shoes, hand him the remote and proceed to the kitchen to either tell my mom that he has confirmed that he is hungry or to fetch the warm water for him to wash his hands and wipe with a clean cloth, Sometimes my mother and I would pass each other on the passage as she carried... Advance Reading For More Details.....S

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