Man reveals what started happening to his mother after she engaged in 4 days of fasting and prayers.

Hope is the ability to see the day as light despite all the darkness. 

In this article I will be sharing with you a story of a woman who started speaking an unknown language and calling everyone Mary after she engaged in four days of fasting and prayers. According to the woman's son who was interviewed by Afrimax English, he narrated;

"My name is Mehigo. My parents gave birth to three children, I and my two sisters. My mother is the only one in my family who loves to pray despite her age. My mother prays three times a day.

"A day came when my mother decided to level up her prayer life. She began four days of fasting and prayers. After she finished the four days of fasting and prayers, she went to the kitchen to dish out food so as to break her fast because she was hungry. Immediately she wanted to dish out food from the pot... Proceed Reading For More Details

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