Man Returns To Village Three Years After Allegedly Dying By Suicide (PHOTOS)

According to reports gathered by Aunyango Nkhoma-Dowa, a man named Fatsani Kalimba, who (according to the villagers) died three years ago, has allegedly returned to ndalama village where he was buried years ago.

Seeing this deceased man in the village left people in an astonishing state. They kept trooping in to see if truly he was their "son" who died years ago or a variant of him.

When Villagers where asked about how the returning deceased man died, it was noted that he breathed his last after commiting suicide in dowa, ndalama village.

The Village headman also had the opportunity to speak with the press where he confirmed that the returning deceased actually died and was buried years ago. As a matter of fact, his funeral ceremony even held years ago to honor him. The village headman and many other persons are extremely dazzled after the returning deceased spoke with the press, The returning deceased claimed that...Advance Reading For More Details.....D

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