Lessons to learn from the woman who was abandoned by her husband after giving birth to a dead baby

Recently, "Ghossipmillnaija" took to their official Instagram page to share a video of an emotional moment of a woman rescued in the hospital: According to reports, the woman initially came to the hospital with the full support of her husband, but unfortunately, after the birth of the baby, gave birth through Cesarean Section, the baby gave up the ghost. Her husband, on noticing what was happening, escaped. 

The helpless woman stayed up to 4 weeks but had no family to help or support her in the hospital. Luckily for her, "@gsf_foundation" cleared the bills and gave her some cash as a take-home and so many other gifts to take care of herself.

(Credit: Instagram|| @Ghossipmillnaija)

Apart from entertainment purposes, this particular article conveys lots of moral lessons to be learned. They include the following.

(1) Make a good plan for your hospital bills ahead of time: Even if we can't predict the misfortune that may occur as a result of delivery and its bills. As a woman who is aware that she is pregnant, you should convince your husband and make a plan with him on how to pay off all the hospital bills when the time is due. As we all know, joy comes from pregnancy, and the husband will surely comply, so even if something comes up, he will not abandon you. And if he does, there is already money kept aside to pay your bills.

(2) Never lose hope in God: There is a Biblical verse that says that no matter the bad things that happens to us, we should always have hope in God even if it is as small as a mustard seed. Recall that the woman at first, was frustrated, but God intervened through a charity organization.

(3) Always assist others: Being wealthy is one thing; having a generous heart is quite another. However, it is advisable to always render help to everyone around you whom you can. They will grow and you will grow as well.

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