Lesson To Learn As A Man Loses Over 16 Million Naira To Fake Spiritualists Who Promised To Make Him Rich Quickly

Although, NigerIans are currently battling against terrorism, banditry and killer herdesmen, the fact is that those are not the only issues of insecurity militating against the peace and progress of the country. Two other major setbacks that NigerIa is grappling with are corruption and superstitious beliefs.

As it is known, NigerIans are rated among the most religious people in the world. Many of them are so religious that they do not mind going overboard if it comes religious affairs. Perhaps, it was one of the reasons why the late leader of the Al Qaeda Terrorists Network, Osama Bin Laden, was able to lure the founder of the Boko Haram terrorists group, Mohammed Yusuf, into terrorism.

One may be thinking about the connections that religious extremism has with superstitious beliefs and corruption.

To start with, it is superstitious beliefs that can make some people to accept and assimilate preachings on religious extremism by persuading them to wage a religious war against his country; and also that if he dies in the process, he would go to paradise where 72 virgins are awaiting him.

Also, because of the spirit of superstitious beliefs that some NigerIans are fond of, they are capable of embracing the deceptive acts of money rituals which have made many of them to be misled into taking human lives, including those of their biological relatives. And one of the most unfortunate aspects of the whole unbecoming problem is that majority of them do get scammed by fake money ritualists. An example of such is the one that allegedly took place in Maiduguri, Borno State as reported by Vanguard News platform. According to the report, about a day ago.. Please Continue Reading For More Details....>>>>g

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