Lagos State Pegs Entry Age For Secondary School At 12

The Lagos State Government has pegged entry age into all secondary schools (both public and private) in the state at 12 years beginning from the next academic session. The state government said it took the decision to check the influx of under-aged children into junior secondary school one (JSS1).

According to the state government, a first time offender will be fined ₦50,000 while a second time offender would pay ₦100,000 with a warning letter to close the school in case of a further violation.

In a circular to Concerned Parents, dated March 17th, 2020, the state government said the new policy will be enforced in public and private schools to enhance compliance in the 2021 academic session.

The circular which was signed by Mrs. A.A. Adebowale on behalf of the Permanent , Ministry of Education, Secretaryacknowledged the several disadvantages embedded in the admission of under-aged children into junior secondary schools, According to Adebowale, based on the stand of the State Policy on Education, the commissioner for education has directed that....... Advance Reading For More Details..S

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