Jesus Is Not The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sins Of The World - Abel Damina

The Senior Pastor of Power City International Church and Founder of Abel Damina Ministries, Dr Abel Damina has given another explanation to the figurative use of some expressions in the bible.

The Pastor, while teaching on the topic 'The Misunderstood God', during one of his recent bible teaching programmes, explained that it is the misunderstanding of Jesus' rightful personality that makes people keep referring to him as the 'Lamb of God'.

Pastor Damina explained that the use of the expression 'Lamb of God' in the bible to refer to Jesus was just a figurative expression (metaphor) to communicate the nature of role which Jesus played in the salvation of humanity by offering himself as a living sacrifice.

According to him, such languages were styles of expressions peculiar to writers of the gospel. Hence, a writer's choice of Language is not enough to define to true personality of Jesus Christ, He emphasized that Jesus is now... Advance Reading For More Details...J

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