I've never lied to you, you are misunderstanding things and taking it personal- Whitemoney to Queen

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Housemates, Whitemoney and Queen, are having some issues with their relationship. Queen who used to be very close to Whitemoney has been avoiding him today because of what Whitemoney told her. Yesterday, Whitemoney told Queen that he wants to get closer to Jackie B since Micheal who was attracted to Jackie B, was no longer in the house.

Queen felt jealous after Whitemoney told her his plans, even though they are not in a romantic relationship. A few hours ago, Whitemoney met her so they could talk over the issue. Whitemoney told Queen that he noticed that she has been avoiding him after their talk, and if she wants to keep on avoiding him, then it's okay as long as they are in the house.

He told her that she shouldn't take it as a problem when he starts avoiding her too. Whitemoney also asked Queen if he had ever lied to her or faked his personality. Whitemoney, while noting that he has never lied to Queen said that Queen was the one who has been misunderstanding things, and taking things personally.

Meanwhile, both of them are yet to not talking to each other like they use to. Maybe with time, they would settle their differences.

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