Instead of Always Praying for Banditry to End, See How Islamic Clerics can help reduce Banditry

The chief Imam of Apo legislative Quarters Juma'at mosque, Abuja, Sheikh Muhammad Khalid, revealed that most Islamic cleric have been praying for the current administration to end Banditry, despite all the prayers, the security situation in the country doesn't get any better.

He revealed this in an interview with Punch newspaper. The Sheikh advised that actions need to be taken instead of continuous prayer, because prayers cannot be substituted when action is needed.

According to him, he can only pray for the current administration to take actions, and most Nigerians are in total support of the cleric, as they have applauded him for being outspoken.

Though the government as well as security operatives need to step up in their fight against these terrorists, the Islamic Clerics can also contribute in the most simple way to end Banditry, The truth is that, most of these bandits are... Advance Reading For More Details...b

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