I'm Tied: My Wife Does Not Allow Me To Touch Her, She Kept Accusing Me Of Slept With Small Girls- Man Cry Out

Three years ago, I and my wife stood before the altar and professed our undying love to each other. When we took the vow in the presence of God, we understood what we were doing and we knew the journey we were embarking on will be forever. It didn’t mean we wouldn’t have problems. 

We knew right from the start that problems may come but we also understood right from the start that when problems come, it’s our responsibility to put our heads together and conquer that problem. We were armed with these truths right from the start, that was why we were confident when we looked into each other’s eyes and said, “For better for worse.”

Three years after marriage, we started having issues. At first, I called them petty issues until I realized it was sucking the joy out of our marriage. It started as nagging complaints until it grew into an argument—an argument that nearly turned into a physical fight. We won’t talk for days. I won’t eat from the house for days. We’ll sleep in the same bed but.... KKeep Reading For More Details...>>>>W

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