I'm Confused: My Wife Gets Worried Anytime I Talk About DNA Test On Our Kids- Man Laments

It started as a conversation at the office cafeteria. A colleague of mine brought the topic of the need to conduct a DNA test on kids. He said, “I needed to be sure that the kids were mine so I conducted a DNA test immediately after they were born.” I asked him, “You don’t trust your wife that much?” He said.

Not that I don’t trust her but we are in a world where anything can happen. You raise a child, get emotionally attached to him/her, and then one day you get to know that the child isn’t yours. How do you recover the emotions you’ve invested in them throughout the years? So I did it early before I get emotionally attached to them.

I said, “That didn’t answer my question. Do you have trust issues between you two?” He said, “I trust her but..>>>>>

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