I'm Confused: He Knows That I Have Slept With Alot Of Men, Yet He Want To Date Me- Lady Cry Out

Juliet is afraid to start a serious relationship with her best male-friend who knows her ugly secrets. Even though she feels a thing for him she can’t imagine dating a guy that knows so much about her dirty lifestyles in school. They attended the same university and were best friends. 

She was free to disclose some of her secretive shady relationships she had with guys in school. And he even encouraged her to sleep with some guys for money. Now that they are done with school he now wanted something serious with her. But she preferred they remained best friends in order to maintain the sweet bond they have built over time. But her bestie wants to be more than just a friend; he wants to hold her in his arms and make her long for him not just as best friends but also as lovers. 

“I have a bestie. We became friends since our first year in school. We met at the canteen and we got talking. He was friendly and expressive. He sounded like those bookworms. I like intelligent guys because I was not too sound academically.

 I usually liked to mingle with intelligent people. I was glad I met him. Coincidentally, we were in the same department, but he later changed his course of study in his second year. By then we were already close to each other. I just loved him as a friend, nothing more. I had other guys I was going out with in school and he knew about them all. I even discussed my sex... Advance Reading For More Details.....D

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