If Micheal was here, would you be this close to Jackie B? -Queen asks White Money. Checkout his reply

Just after the housemates had their Gym section, White Money who was explaining to Cross about his issue with Queen said he has tolerated her enough because he's the peaceful type and can't do this to him outside. Queen who happens to be there that time also in the kitchen replied saying she is talking to him based on her emotions and shouldn't talk about him doing that to her outside.

White Money then asked her does she think he also doesn't have emotions or if it was because he does conceal. He has tried to reason with her, talk to her but keeps misunderstanding him.

That made Queen ask White Money saying "If Micheal was here, would you be guys (him and Jackie B) be this close?" and this was his reply to her question. 

"Fun fact, him and Jackie B were already close even the time Micheal was around". 

The issue is still funny to Queen because they do make jokes about Jackie B being the side chick age in response, she was okay with it and even called Jackie B "Mama" because she felt White Money plays with everyone not knowing something was going on.

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