"If Going to Heaven Means That I will Be a White Man, I Would Rather Go to Hell- Joshua Maphonga

Joshua Maponga has striked again, this man does not know the intensity of hell. He does not have an idea of what he is talking about. When he gets to hell, he would wish that he has done things or say things differently.

If there is anybody that went to hell and come back to tell you the experience, you will see, it is a place that you will not wish to be, even for your worst enemy.

Hell is not an illusion or a myth, it is a place that really exist, the world is very blind to allow such facts to mislead them. I can prove it's existence through the Bible, that you also don't believe. The bible prophesied about the events that will take place and they are happening as the bible has already said.

This man name  Joshua Maponga came out in the public to declare a Devasting statement Concerning Hell and God Himself, According to his statement; "If going to Heaven means.. Advance Reading For More Details...h

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