I Was Wrongly Jailed 20yrs For Killing My Girlfriend, But Now I Have Been Exonerated By DNA Evidence- Man Laments

Horace Roberts was released after spending 20 years in jail for a crime he did not commit --- NBC Bay Area
A Black man who was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his girlfriend has been paid $11 million by Riverside County. Horace Roberts spent more than 20 years in prison before he was exonerated by DNA evidence in 2018.

The payment brings to an end a federal lawsuit filed by Roberts, now 63 and living in South Carolina. According to Mercury News, the agreement did not cover Roberts’ attorneys’ fees or any liens associated with the lawsuit.

Roberts alleged in his September 28, 2020 suit that investigators framed him for the murder of his girlfriend and co-worker by falsifying a police report. According to him, investigators failed to turn over key evidence to prosecutors.

“Throughout their investigation, defendants suppressed the physical, eyewitness, and documentary evidence they obtained implicating Harris Sr. and his family members from state prosecutors, plaintiff, and his criminal defense attorneys. In so doing, the defendants let the real killers run free and instead focused on framing an innocent man,” the lawsuit read.

Roberts was convicted in July 1999 of second-degree murder in the April 1998 death of his lover Terry Cheek. Cheek had vanished the night of April 13, 1998, and never made it to her late-night shift at Quest Diagnostics, where she worked with Roberts, according to investigations, After four days...Advance Reading For More Details.....R

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