I Was Shocked, When I Saw The List Of Items Her Parents Asked For, Before They Will Allow Me To Marry Their Daughter- Man Laments

If everything went according to plan, we should have been married by now. We wanted to get married in December 2020. She told me, “It’s easy for us to get married now than ever because of the Covid. We can meet our pastor today and tomorrow we are married. Let’s take advantage of that.” I said, ”Great idea but everything is in the hands of your parents now. 

I can’t come up with what they are asking from me. If I try, we’ll start our marital journey on debt. I don’t want to do that. Talk to them to reason up. If they bring their expectations down, I will meet it so we can marry as soon as possible.” She said, “I’ve told you, let’s marry without them. They are beginning to annoy me.” I said, “Let’s give honor to whom honor is due. If you get some of your family elders to intervene, they might change their mind.”

This is what happened…

In June 2020, I went to see Afi’s parents with my family. Our mission was simple; to perform the knocking rite and also get the dowry list so we can prepare and get married before December 2020. That day, they gave us a beautiful welcome and accepted our offer. After going through all the traditions, we asked for the list. Her father said, “..

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