I Want To Be With Whitemoney So That We Can Get Endorsement Deal Together - Queen (Video)

The tension in the Big Brother Naija house is heightening by the day. With the nomination and possible evictions on Sunday. Many people are in their feelings. Emotions are running wild too.

The latest tension is between Whitemoney, Queen and Jackie B. After the yesterday saga, Queen and Whitemoney decided to trash out their issue, both had a long talk in the kitchen with other housemates like Cross mediating between them.

From all indication, what Queen wanted was to have Whitemoney to herself because according to her, she is a very jealous type. Later, Queen also got a chance to speak with Jackie B to sort out their differences. During their conversation, Queen has this to say:

"Queen: do you know what I’m even thinking, outside this house, for the fact that me and Whitemoney have been close, I feel like we can get 1 or 2 endorsements together as people will like how we are. I’m not even picturing relationship as I have people I’m talking to outside."

So clearly, Queen is using Whitemoney? Not that she genuinely care about him. It's all about the benefits after the house.

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