I Surrender To Soldier, Because We Were Maltreated By Our Leader, We Don't Eat Good Food- Repentant Boko Haram terrorist

A repentant Boko Haram terrorist who has just surrendered to counterinsurgency troops in Borno State has spoken of why he came out of the bush where he had lived for six years with Boko Haram terrorists carrying out attacks in North East Nigeria.

The suspect, who is current undergoing profiling at a Nigerian Army facility in Borno State, said that he was fooled into joining the terror organisation.

He said the terrorists used religion, intimidation and threats to recruit members.

The suspect ( his name withheld for security reasons) assured those doubting his sincerity of his true repentance, saying that there is no cause for alarm. He said God knows sees the sincerity of terrorists like himself, the repentant terrorist, who described life in the bush as hell, confessed that... Advance Reading For More Details...b

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