I Stop Being A Presbyterian As Of Today: Seth Awuku Withdraws Membership Due to Moderator's Comment

As the president initiated the agenda 111, most Ghanaians are opposing the agenda 111 saying, why should the president left uncompleted and unutilised completed hospitals in the bush and look into our faces telling us you're building a new hospitals in this very difficult moment of financial difficulties.


The Presbyterian Moderator, Rt. Rev. Prof. J.O.Y. Mantey, referred to Ghanaians opposing the agenda111 project as witches and wizards. This statement from the Moderator has received several condemnations from the general populace, especially the NDC.

A presbyterian identified as Seth Kwame Awuku reacting to Moderator's comment on opera news revealed that, he has withdrew his membership from the presbyterian church as of today, According to Seth Awuku, the presbyterian moderator should have said it in a.... Proceed Reading For More Details

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