I liked Maria, Angel, & Saskay. But you're my number one girl right now -Cross tells Queen

Cross finally reveals the number one female in his life right now.

The camera caught Cross and Queen discussing in the garden. Queen decided to engage Cross in a discussion about her past relationship.

Queen narrated how her boyfriend broke up with her. After Queen’s story, Cross decided to declare Queen as the number one female in his life.

I liked Saskay for a while. At some point I liked Maria for a while. I liked Angel, she is still a baby, she always acts like a baby. Right now if I'm to pick my favorite female housemates It's going to be you. -Cross tells Queen.

As expected, Cross's statement got a lot of people talking on social media.

Bimpe: Never believe anything Cross tells you. The guy is looking for a Friday night cruise partner.

Salem: Queen is looking for a partner in the house.

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