"I Don't Want You Around Me; I Need Some Space" -Liquorose

BBN Housemate, Liquorose, made it clear to her best friend, Emmanuel, that she is not comfortable around him anymore.

Liquorose made this shocking revelation during a conversation with Emmanuel at the lounge earlier this afternoon. I think we all know why Liquorose did this to Emmanuel.

During Liquorose's diary session, Big Brother gave her an audacious assignment. She was instructed to avoid Emmanuel in the next few days.

Big Brother made it clear that he would reward Liquorose heavily if she's able to carry out the prank effectively. According to Big Brother, Liquorose would receive 200Abeg Naira and 200 BBToken, Earlier this afternoon, Liquorose started the prank by telling Emmanuel she needs... Advance Reading For More Details...B

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