I don't run dirty things with Married women. If I had, I would've been a billionaire -WhiteMoney

WhiteMoney reveals his opinion about doing dirty things with married women.

The camera focused on WhiteMoney and JackieB discussing in the garden. JackieB decided to engage WhiteMoney in a discussion about the ladies in the house, both current and the evicted housemates.

WhiteMoney told JackieB the special thing about all the female housemates and the unique things that stands them out.

Tega is a cool lady, very cool lady, and mature. Maybe because she is married. But I don't do dirty things with married women, no matter how beautiful they are. If I had, I would've been a billionaire by now. - WhiteMoney says.

As expected, WhiteMoney’s statement got a lot of people talking on social media.

Peter: Someone should play this video to the ears of Boma. Marriage is sacred respect it.

Florence: Boma should have kept his distance with Tega, which ruin his game.

Wemimo: I stan a wise king.

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