I Am Too Sincere With My Feelings, And I Don't Like It - Queen Confesses To Whitemoney

Last night, while Queen and WhiteMoney were discussing, she confesses to Whitemoney that she's too sincere with her feelings, and she does not like it that way.

WhiteMoney replied to her, by telling her that being sincere with one's feelings has a disadvantage and an advantage.

He said that the advantageous side of it comes to play when she and the person in question has feelings for each other or are on the same page. On this note, WhiteMoney stated that there is nothing wrong in being sincere with her feelings.

Not only that, WhiteMoney discloses that the disadvantage of being sincere with one's feelings comes into play, when the other party does not love her. Furthermore, He said that it will look like she's following or forcing the other party into a relationship.

Do you agree that there is a disadvantage and an advantage of being sincere to one's feelings, just like WhiteMoney had explained?

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