How To Know If You Have A Covenant with Poverty — Reno Omokri

Popular Nigerian activist and pastor, Reno Omokri, has revealed a good and inspirational speech on how to know if someone has made a covenant with poverty. This type of topic is scarce and people hardly talk about it. But Reno Omokri has simplified everything that people should know about it.

According to Reno Omokri, the following are ways to know if you have made an oath (covenant) with poverty.

1. You marry without a job, hoping that marriage brings success.

2. You have children without a job or business, having it in mind that “God train children”

3. In last year, you don't read books, but you watched as many movies as you can.

4. You buy the latest iPhone by struggling, but you don't struggle to buy a piece of land that is of an equal amount to your iPhone.

5. You don't know the top gainers in the stock exchange, but you know the top 10 goal scores in the EPL.

6. Furthermore, you can buy party clothes, but you can't buy shares at low prices.

7. When you have money, you only think of spending not investing.

7. Your clothes prices are higher than your bank account balance.

8. You take loans to buy edible things, not think of investing.

9. You spend all your money because you believe that they can't bury money with you if you die.

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