How Pres. Buhari's recent seven appointees have disputed the outcry of nepotism in his appointments.

The appointment of individuals by the President of the country into key government positions has often been a contentious issue and also an issue of great concern to most Nigerians. This is because it has divided the views of Nigerians especially those that follow up the political activities of the country.

 This is because some people believe that key appointments should be based on the federal character and quota system whereby every geopolitical zone is represented while some feel that it has to be based on merit and the capacity and experience of the individual to hold the position and also be productive.

That being said, President Muhammadu Buhari's administration has been heavily criticized for probably not observing the federal character and quota system due to the alleged appointment of a particular ethnic group to lead key government positions. For example, the appointments in...........Advance Reading For More Details....S

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