"How Are You Going To Body Shame Me When You Can't Even Spell? - Annie Idibia's Daughter, Isabella

2face and Annie Idibia's daughter, Isabella could not hold back her anger after a troll called her names she doesn't like. Recall that the relationship of these legendary Nigerian celebrities has been the highlight for discussion after 2face reportedly traveled to the United States without telling his wife.

However, it seems like someone decided to use that medium to abuse Isabella their daughter. In this video that was posted on social media by a popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, Isabella was seen replying to a troll who allegedly said that she is weird.

Isabella could not ignore the fan, so she decided to correct the person who couldn't spell words correctly. "How are you going to body-shame me when you can't even spell?" - Isabella said.

Looking at what the person spelled, you will see that the words are incorrect. It's not right for one to body-shame someone because it can lead to emotional trauma.

Do you think it's wrong for Annie Idibia's daughter to react that way?

Let's know your thoughts in this regard... Thank you.

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