He left House 10.20pm, But Around Midnight His Phone Was off -Wife of Driver, Killed By Passengers- Narrates

The Uber driver.

A medical doctor identified as Morenikeji Oluwaniyi has been reported dead after he was killed by four gang members in the Abule Egba area of Lagos state. 

He is a young man and he's full of dreams, so unfortunate that he was killed. He is a medical doctor and he decided to convert his car to a Uber ride just to make more money. On Sunday night, he picked a passenger who ordered a ride but eventually got killed by him.

Ahmed, the passenger who ordered the ride wanted to go to Ikeja around 10 pm on Sunday. This is business and the Uber driver couldn't refuse it. 

He decided to pick the passenger at Ikeja, while on their way another three passengers joined his car. This is normally allowed because once you ordered the car, it's yours and you could bring more people into the car. It was unknown to him that..........Read full Article for More Details.

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