Forget Love, Without These 5 Things, Marriage Can Not Work.

Many Young people are always In Haste, They want to taste adulthood, They are seeing The smile of their Mother from the distance even when they Live together and the strength of their father as Super Hero,

There is always a price to pay for everything, there is always a price tag on every success. successful people pay the price, People only see the glory and nobody asked about the pains.

There is always Joy when couples walk to the altar and celebrating their forty, fifty and sixty-something years of marriage, the atmosphere is good, everybody is happy, everyone taught about how much love the couples must-have for each other for their marriage to last for that long years.

If I may tell you, there is more to marriage than love, many people started with love and they never go far, it is not because they did not love one another but because other things to make the marriage works they lack it .after seeing that man /woman, everything you want in a woman she has it and everything you want in a man he owns it, Here are things Without These 5 Things, Marriage Can Not Work.. Advance Reading For More Details.....L

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