"For 15 Years in Marriage, I Only Slept With my Wife For Less Than 10 Times" Pastor Laments (Video)

Pastor Stephen Macharia is a father of three girls and she has confessed on an interview that her first wife denied him his conjugal rights and he only slept with her for less than ten times after fifteen years in marriage.

According to Stephen, his ex-wife denied him his conjugal rights the first day after their wedding and that's when he noticed something was wrong although he never suspected his wife would cheat on him.

In his first marriage, they had not been blessed with kids and this was never a problem to him because he loved his wife alot and marriage mean't everything to him and despite of going through a hard moment in the hands of the wife, he never raised his hand her, Pastor Stephen decided to leave his wife after he was informed that...Advance Reading And Watch Video For More Details....W

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