Five countries you did not know are smaller than Lagos

There are more than 190 countries in the world with different sizes and political power. While some are very large as we have countries like Russia, China, Canada and the United States which can be mistaken for continents themselves, others are very tiny and almost invisible on the world map.

These countries, are way smaller in comparison to Lagos, the smallest city in Nigeria in terms of size. The city of Lagos in South West Nigeria is just 452.23 square miles but densely populated with more than 17million inhabitants crammed into the tiny small state.

As small as the state of Lagos is, let's take a look at five COUNTRIES that are way smaller than the economic centre of Nigeria.

1. Monaco - 0.81 square miles

Monaco is a tiny island country in Europe and one of the most popular destinations for vacation lovers from all over the world. The country known for its amazing scenery, is just 0.81 square miles, making it more than 558 times smaller than Lagos!

Monaco has a population of just 38,000 people.

2. San Marino - 24 square miles

With a population of just 33,000 people, San Marino is also an island nation in Europe and is often regarded as one of the oldest independent nation in the world. With it's small size, the European country is 18 times smaller than Lagos.

3. Leichtenstein - 62 square miles

Leichtenstein is another European country that wouldn't rival Lagos especially when it comes to size. A small country with a population of just 38,000 with a very stable economy and being one of the richest countries in the world, it doesn't really matter how big it is. Leichtenstein is 7 times smaller than Lagos.

4. Malta - 122 square miles.

If you're complaining of how tedious traveling around Lagos is with the horrible traffic, then you should try to visit Malta which is actually 3 times smaller than the most populous city in Nigeria. Malta, an island country in Europe with a population of just 502,000 is blessed with beautiful landscape and scenery, has a lot of stunning beaches that attracts visitors every year.

5. Grenada - 133 square miles.

Now leaving Europe and traveling down to the Caribbean, we get to a country called Grenada with a population of just 112,000. The island nation being in the same region with countries like Jamaica, Tahiti and Puerto Rico, is just 133 square miles in size making it 3 times smaller than our dear Lagos of 452.23 square miles.

So, there you have them. Which country surprised you most?

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