Fans blast Angel for exposing her body on National TV

BBNaija viewers and those who are following the show on social media have condemned Angel one or the housemates for exposing her body. Angel who exposed her body last night during a game caught the attention of the viewers.

Many of those who reacted to the alleged show of shame said what Angel did is uncalled for and no sensible person will accept what she did.

They said people should defend her because of her age, they said she’s not the only person that’s 21 years old in the house.

They revealed that Saskay is also a 21-year-old lady and she is not displaying her body on national TV, unlike Angel who is throwing her body on the viewers’ sight.

Although some of her fans tried to defend her, people’s opinions about her actions enveloped what her fans have to say.

Another fact that some people gave was that when Tega was moving with Boma, she was rebuked online, so Angel too should be rebuked for her action.

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