"Even The Stars Are Jealous" Regina Daniels Says As She Flaunts More Photos From Her Fashion Brand

Every woman desires to be the best in everything. Nigerian celebrities love showing off their best in terms of fashion and style. Regina Daniels is not just passionate about beauty but also knows how to catch the attention of her viewers. She usually shows off pictures from her fashion brand. Interestingly, she is one of the most fashionable young ladies in the entertainment industry. The beautiful actress has flaunted more adorable photos from her fashion brand.

Regina has way of getting the best things of life. She is industrious and creative. The script interpreter is a proud owner of a business and fashion company. Recall that she recently started her fashion brand and always flaunts lovely outfits. Interestingly, many Nigerian celebrities subscribe to her fashion brand. The on-screen diva has inspired so many people in the world of beauty. This is why she remains one of those who determine the fashion trend.

Regina took to her Instagram page to show off her lovely pictures. She flaunted more photos from her fashion brand. Taking to social media, she wrote; "Even the stars are jealous of the sparkle in my eyes".

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