Don’t be the Next Victim: This was why I wasn’t Married at 46years- A Lady Narrates Her Story

True life story.

Sometimes strange unimaginable things happen. The kind of experience that exist mostly in the contemporary world seems unbearable to behold.

See Chioma's true life story below.

Chioma is now a woman of 46 years though she looks like a 60+ years woman due to what you are going to read below. Though some of her personal identity is kept private.

It all began when she was in the university. Chioma had two roommates in the apartment they rented. The two ladies that stays with Chioma in the same room were in the same level of study with Chioma.

The startup of the unending misery began on that faithful day. Chioma and her two friends had went for a party that night,though Chioma wasn't a party type but she is always influenced by her friends.

That night, they were all making merry and painting the environment premises red. Before Chioma could realize the time,it was already 1am. Being a dark hour of the day, Chioma wanted to go home but she couldn't find her friends.

To brief the long story, Chioma have to call her friends and they both told her where they were. Chioma said she was surprised at the kind of place they directed her towards. Nevertheless she was approaching a cubicle to which they asked her to come over. Chioma arrived at the cubicle and what she saw baffled her.........Advance Reading For More Details....L

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