Dear Women, Your Body Shape Does Not Move Men Anymore, See What They Want So You Can Upgrade

In a normal sense, marriage is meant to last for eternity. This is why both men and women must make sure that the person who they want to get married to is the right person meant for them. If you get married to the wrong person for the wrong reason, you will have issue along the line.

I use to tell people, do not fall in love because of what you see. Those things are deceiving. Fall in Love because you love the person. Not because the person has money or because she has a nice body shape.

Before now, when a girl is beautiful, she thinks that she has everything. She believes that men will rush after her. She thinks that her beauty will serve as a gateway to getting the perfect man in her life. Usually, this so called perfect man is a man who is wealthy and probably resides outside the country.

Gone are the days when beauty sells a woman to a wealthy man. Even the wealthy men are looking for resourceful women. Women who has value to add in their lives. Not women who only have beauty and good shape. Listen, if you are a beautiful woman and you think that your beauty is your greatest blessing from God, I must tell you, you are getting it all wrong.

The condition of the country currently does not really require your beautiful skin unless you want to engage in some kinds of dirty works. Far be it from you. Let me tell you, men have opened wide their eyes, And below is what attracts Them......Proceed Reading For More Details

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