Dear Men, Don't Think About Marriage If You Don't Have These 3 Things In Place

This evening, I'll go over some of the things you should have in place before getting married.

To be completely honest, don't allow anyone rush you, especially when it comes to getting married. The journey necessitates a great deal of patience. There are a few things that must be in place.


The first thing a man should have in place before getting married is a consistent salary. Please take note that I did not say "money." Some of you have been thinking about getting married. Trust me, if you have money, you will spend it for many years and nothing will change.

You have a steady income if you own a business or have a job that provides you with your daily bread. This is simply because you see a woman's actual color. When you don't have any money.


To be honest, if you are not yet mature enough, please don't dare to announce you want to marry. Let me tell you something:..Proceed Reading For More Details

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