Could Cross' Drinking Habit Be The Reason Why Saskay Chose Jaypaul Over Him?

Many relationships have been lost at the altar of bad habits. Drinking to a point of not remembering what happened the next day is usually a turn-off for some women who know what they want in a man.

Saskay, Cross, and Jay Paul have been in a love triangle for some time. Viewers were hopeful that the ship would sail between Cross and Saskay after she revealed how she admired Igbo men and would want to end up with one, but it ended up being Jay Paul that Saskay choose.

According to Saskay, she chose Jay Paul over Cross because he was always close to her which convinced her that he may be serious about his love intentions. This reason in my opinion is not the only reason why Saskay turned down Cross' advances. Cross' excessive alcohol intake to the point of staggering and not remembering could have been another silent reason why Saskay turned him down.

Saskay And Jay Paul

My observations about Saskay points her to be a reserved girl who wants to be in a relationship with a gentleman who does not have bad drinking habits. Jay Paul proved to her that he is that gentleman and has promised to try as much as possible not to hurt her.

Cross excessive alcohol intake in my opinion played a major role in his relationship with Saskay. Bad drinking habits are a turn-off for most women. Saskay may have chosen Jay Paul over him because of that but there might still be hope if he disciplines himself on his drinking habits.

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