Corruption, 7 Biggest Thieves in the History of Nigeria, No 6 Wrecked Nigeria badly

Corruption in Nigeria dates back to the time of colonial rule. It is no baby talk and definitely not a year-old phenomenon bewildering the country.

We wail our state of economic comatose today for the sins of some men who sought it right to suck us dry at the slightest opportunity they had at our national “cake and orange”.

As much as we live to pray for Nigeria to live more fruitful years, let us continue to stay mindful of these ‘Kleptomaniacs”.
1. Sanni Abacha

Abacha was a military head of state in Nigeria from 1993 till his death in 1998.

Sanni Abacha in collaboration with his security adviser, Alhaji Ismaila Gwarzo navigated a swooping $1.4 billion from the country to off-shore accounts by sending in travelers’ cheques from CBN to Gwarzo.

All in all, $267 million was discovered and retrieved by Jersey, Others Are... Advance Reading For More Details.....T

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