Checkout what Emmanuel said after seeing Cross cuddling with Liquorose

Moments ago in the big brother naija shine ya eyes, Cross and Liquorose were caught on camera cuddled on the same couch in the lounge. Emmanuel, who is in a relationship with Liquorose in the house saw this as the came up to them and seemed not to be happy about it.

Cross seeing Emmanuel, immediately left the couch and layed on the floor smiling. Emmanuel asked Liquorose if she was okay and she said no while touching her tummy. Then Emmanuel told Cross to be careful, stating "Cross, if Liquorose cannot conceive we will come and meet you".

After stating this, he walked away while Cross was smiling at him for being so protective of Liquorose.

Emmanuel and Liquorose are one of the couples in the shine ya eyes house and have proven that they can go a long way as a couple in the house and are honest and protective of each other especially with the recent action of Emmanuel being protective over Liquorose.

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