Catholic Bishop steps down after Falling in Love with an Expert on Satanism.

A Catholic Bishop has fallen in love with an expert on Satanism and decided to leave the church to pursue after her, leaving his former colleagues convinced that he has been "possessed by demons".

52-year-old Xavier Novell is an exorcist Bishop from Spain, who drives out evil spirits from people who are possessed. So, it came as a shock when he fell in love with Satanic-themed writer and psychologist, Silvia Caballol.

The pair met after Xavier started studying demonology.

Xavier who was Spain's youngest Bishop in 2010, left the Catholic Church last month due to "personal reasons".

Catholic Publication Religion Digital has confirmed that he is now in a relationship with the satanic erotic fiction author.

Xavier revealed that he had "fallen in love" with Silvia and "wanted to do the right thing", which is something he had struggled with in the past.

Previously, Xavier has been critized for carrying out gay conversation therapy, a technique and exercise that claims to transform a homosexual person straight.

He was also accused of arranging a marriage between one of his conversion patients and a woman without the consent of a priest of her parents.

His zeal in the past makes it even more surprising that he would turn around to date the author of Amnesia, a dark erotic trilogy, and The Hell of Gabriel's Lust, which showcases "the raw struggle between good and evil, God and Satan and angels and demons".

"It is not a problem of celibacy but rather of infestation", one of his former colleague told Spanish media, adding that Xavier's dramatic spiritual turn around can only be explained by demon possessing him.

It has also been alleged that he refused Pope Francis' advise to have an exorcism to "free his troubled spirit". Xavier regularly performed exorcism when he was a clergyman.

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