Boma liked Tega a lot, he couldn't control it -WhiteMoney tells Pere & Liquorose (See reactions)

Reactions trail on social media WhiteMoney reveals the extent to which Boma likes Tega.

After their task today, the camera focused on WhiteMoney, Liquorose, Pere, and Angel discussing the evicted after the pictures of the newly evicted housemate were spotted on the wall.

Boma is a very emotional person. He is controllable when he is in love. He likes Tega a lot and he couldn't control it. -WhiteMoney says.

As expected, WhiteMoney’s statement got a lot of people talking on social media.

Alex: WhiteMoney knows too much. So he talks too much.

Benjamin: WhiteMoney had been talking about Boma and Tega all day. Is there something he knows that we don't know?

Lanre: I just hope this his recent behavior won't cost him. He seriously needs to calm down.

See more reactions via the screenshots provided below.

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