Blind man Ordered to Pay N100million for Picking Used Hennessey bottles from Refused Dumps for Resale

The story of Samuel Ikeh, a 50-year-old blind man whose empty bottles were seized by NAFDAC for allegedly refusing to sell the empty bottles to the Director of Skit Brady, Emeka Ikeh, in Lagos State, has taken an unexpected turn. According to P.M.EXPRESS, NAFDAC allegedly gave official documents on its operations in Nigeria to Jas Hennessey of France, who used them to file a suit against Ikeh and others in the Federal High Court of Lagos, seeking N100 million in damages for picking their bottles from refuse dumps and selling them to users as waste products in Nigeria.

Barrister A.O. Aponmade, who wrote a rejoinder in P.M.EXPRESS for NAFDAC and Mrs Uba, who was allegedly utilised to take the empty bottles at Adeniyi Adele Police Command in Lagos, filed the suit.

While the Code of Conduct Bureau in Abuja continues to investigate Mrs Uba's actions about the empty bottle seizure, Barrister Aponmade, whose office is on Ikorodu Road in Obanikoro, Lagos, has filed a suit in the Federal High Court, asking the court to order the blind Samuel Ikeh, his wife, and others to pay Hennessey N100 million in damages for picking and selling the empty bottles. He further suggested that the Court should order NAFDAC to crush Samuel Ikeh's empty bottles.

The claimant is a firm registered under the laws of the Republic of France that manufactures Hennessey Cognac and other drinks, according to the statement of claims.

That the defendants, Samuel Ikeh and his wife, were the proprietors of empty Hennessey bottles recovered by the police in a truck and NAFDAC at a warehouse in Isheri Olowora, Lagos State, sometime in January 2021, that the Court direct NAFDAC to use its authority under the section of counterfeit and ... Advance Reading For More Details...H

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