Beware: This is How Scammers Send 'Fake Credit Alerts' to People!

In this post, I'll be telling you how scammers send fake credit alerts to people, and also how to detect if a fake credit alert has been sent to you.

We all have heard numerous stories of people who received credit alerts after carrying our transactions with other people, and thinking the money is already in their accounts, only to check their account balance or go to the bank to withdraw the money and realize nothing was paid into the account.

I personally know someone who has experienced this and almost ended his life because of depression. This act carried out by fraudsters is called 'Fake Bank Alert' or 'Alert Flashing'.

Well, some of the methods these scammers use to send fake credit alerts to people has been revealed by a scammer who was caught and handed over to the police, According to him, this 'fake credit alert' scam is carried out using a method called 'Bulk SMS'.... Keep Reading For More Details...>>>>S

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