"Being a Christian Ruined My Life, I Lost My Entire Family" Lady Confesses In Heartbreaking Story (Video)

This life can sometimes be wicked and people do even wonder what wrong did they do to deserve such terrible life experiences.

This is the case for Mwanahawa Khasandi who is a mother of two born in Eldoret but for her case it all has to do with religion.

In an interview with Lynn Ngugi on Youtube this morning, trouble started for Mwanahawa after she decided to convert from Islam to a Christian.

The lady says that in search for her relatives, she stole her mom's ID card and decided to take it to a church where the pastor promised to help track her relatives through prayers. She was doing this while still a Muslim, After getting a chance to speak to the pastor, the man of God told her.. Advance Reading And Watch Video For More Details...R

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