BBN: Whitemoney Wins Head Of House Position For This Week; Nominates Queen As Deputy

Today's Head of house game was tense as each housemate worked hard to win the weekly most elevated and privileged position in the reality show house. The housemates who put on more zeal in the game were those earlier nominated for this week's eviction with the aim of saving themselves for possible eviction.

Luckily for Whitemoney, he defeated all other housemates; won the Head of House game and was crowned head of house for the week.

Whitemoney, having been crowned Head of the house, nominated Queen as his deputy for the week. Queen, though not under eviction nomination, was equally glad being nominated by Whitemoney as deputy head of the house.

Still in the game, Nini came out as the first runner up. That status gave her the privilege and the veto power to save herself from possible eviction. When Biggie asked her to utilize her veto power by saving one nominated housemate, Nini saved herself while choosing Cross to replace herself for the eviction.

It was a hard decision for Nini, yet she had to do it because its part of the game. By so doing, Cross became one of the housemates who are up for possible eviction for the week. Other housemates that are up for eviction for the week are Emmanuel, Angel, Yousef and Saskay.

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