Banditry: The Arrest Of A Foreigner In Katsina Proves That Bandits Are Not Only Nigerians

The issue of banditry has over the years been the centre of attention, as the masses have continued to condemn the havoc and terror unleashed by this set of criminals.

Katsina State government, which is one of the states who has continued to implement various strategies to put an end to banditry, had earlier instructed that not more than a measurable quantity of fuel should be sold, while also prohibiting the sale of petrol in jerry cans.

However, despite some of these measures, the nation and the state continue to witness some level of attacks by these bandits, and this has probably caused some to point out that every bandit in the nation is a Nigerian. But, this should not be the case, as it will be discussed in this article... Advance Reading For More Details....B

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