Arrest in Oyo Indicates That Not Only Herdsmen Are Kidnappers In The Southwest (Video)

There have been several allegations of kidnapping and other forms of social vices against Fulani herdsmen in the Southwest and Nigeria in general. It later became the norm that whenever anyone was kidnapped in the country, the offence would be directly hung around the neck of the Fulani herdsmen.

 This was one of the reasons that brought forth Sunday Ighobo, who fought to make herdsmen leave the southwestern part of Nigeria, and also one of the reasons some of the southern governors enacted the anti-open grazing law.

Today I will give you evidence to indicate that those who are fond of kidnapping travellers and people in the southwest are not only Fulani herdsmen but also those people who are native to the region, there are two people that were arrested, a man and woman who are both.... Advance Reading And Watch Video For More Details....F

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